Welcome to the Art section of Praise of Folly

As many of you might already know I have been experimenting in visual arts since my adolescence and, despite some periods of silence, this passion has been accompanying me until today.

Just as the other sections of Praise of Folly it has not been easy to share the content and it is the case as well for the artworks that I present here.

Somehow once upon this website they do not belong uniquely to me but to you all and that is, I think, the main challenge: letting what was conceived in my head and created through my hands become part of a public psyche.


In a routine dominated by financial worries and where markets influence political choices and hence the future of the world, I find myself more and more putting aside materials that take shape and become artworks. All the pieces of this collection have been conceived recycling materials you would normally get rid of.


Capturing the moment has been newly discovered and ongoing passion. In this gallery you will find a collection of photographs available printed on different materials.


My newest collection and ongoing production includes maps of cities I’ve visited. The maps are carved by hand and either the map or its negative can be purchased.

You can find more of my art on my instagram page.

Contact me through my instagram page for details about the artworks and their purchase.