Born near Bari, Apulia region, Southern Italy. That’s where the journey started: in a land where centenary olive trees have deep roots and things struggle to change (for the best and the worse).

Grown up between streets where loud voices come out of the windows left open because of the heat; where elderly people reserve a spot putting a chair in front of their houses’ entrance door to take advantage of the fresh breeze during the evening, chat with their neighbors and gossip about those going by; where parfumes and flavors come to life at any moment of the day.


Exchange student in Franklin Park, Chicago. A breakthrough: new family, new culture, new people, new ideas… An unforgettable experience always in the heart.

New horizons ahead…


Medicine student in Slovakia. A second home for six years.

Exploring the secrets of the mind officially since 2013.

Unstoppable thinker.

Art lover.

Alternative mindset.



Necessarily down to earth vs. Spontaneously absent minded

… and the journey goes on…