Måneskin Rome Experience

“… Never thought I’d let a rumor ruin my moonlight

well somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend

that I had in february last year

it’s not confidencial, I’ve got potential, a-rushing, rushing around…”


Hesitation is definitely the key-word for the opening of the Måneskin’s concert at Circo Massimo, Rome.

A long waited concert considering not only the cancelation during Covid but also the fact that Måneskin are originally from Rome and started by singing in the streets of the capital.

The location, Circo Massimo, an ancient chariot-racing stadium next to the Colosseum, was not only spectacular but also very suggestive.

Of course the stadium was already half full by 6 p.m. I think 70’000 people were expected.

As the beginning of the opening approached, the speakers start playing softly “Back to Black” from Amy Whinehouse.

The crowd desire to see the band becomes more and more present.

I can feel it. I even feel their desire overwhelming me.
Everyone wants the same thing: “Fuori!”
They cannot possibly just come up on stage. They will make a grandiose entrance. Maybe they will come from behind us and fucking surprise us. I can totally imagine them parachuting on the stage.

9 p.m. nothing. No opening, still the same song from our dear Amy.

I check on my phone which day in July she passed. It was July 23rd. Not her anniversary. Then Why? What’s going on? It must be something big.

A bit past 9:30 p.m. “Loro non sanno di che parlo…Buonasera signori e signori, fuori gli attori…”

I love his sparkling silver jacket! It was my New Year outfit and I boked the tickets for this concert just before as a Christmas gift.
Something is not right with the sound. It’s weak. It’s not reaching out. He is distant from the microphone.

A brief and simple speech between the songs finally explains and pervades the atmosphere with the great and probably contrasting emotions these guys were experiencing being in front of such a big crowd and most of all in Rome!

I’m so glad he said something. Womanizer from Britney was a great idea but not enough to break the ice. Still can’t believe they just opened it like this…
Whoops… I’m shifting to a festival, don’t really care who’s around just dancing on the notes of the drum. Next time my make-up will have a tribal inspiration. Thanks Ethan!

“Coraline, Coraline, dimmi le tue verità”

He’s moved, they all are, but Damiano is really moved while singing Coraline. His eyes are sad. It must be hard to let Coraline go.

She dissolves in the air at every strophe he’s singing. She feels like a presence in him, an integrating repressed part. As a shadow from the past. Something that had to be let go to go further with less suffering?
Maybe she’s still here as an alter ego despite her/his will to disappear and the doubt that the evil is in her.
She’s an egodystonic presence that feels like the soul of the band and leads it’s ambiguous and transgressive appearance. He’s feelings are connected with something profound, his voice is real, touching.

THE CONCERT STARTS NOW! The music flows, it’s a real event.

My perception is gradually unified. I don’t realize it at first, don’t really know what it is. I can see the music, the beats, the patterns pulsations, shades of colors. It’s absolutely amazing!

“… The touch of an angel

the taste of a drug

to look all those strangers…”

Unknown, untitled, unfinished new piece!

The songs alternate with the solo performances of the other band components.

Thomas reminds me of Cigarettes after Sex… Flying off to integrate him in another little drawer in my head where things are classified according to I don’t even know what.
The ambience is split, the individual suffering is finally out but it’s not common as if it wasn’t yet shared. Give it time, there’s a great potential here!

Last song announced. People listen and then start to leave.

No way! This is not over, lights are not on! Time to go forward! Of course the finale!

Time passed but not in a linear way, at least for me. In a matter of a few minutes people rushed out of Circo Massimo. Time for a beer! Just lift your eyes and see the ruins. Stones on layers. Time is stratified!



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