Mimi’s library

“Somewhere in a parallel world, you’d want me as much as I want you here and I’ll care not about your existence.

For now, I breathe you.”

Nitya Prakash

I was unexpectedly with you, in your own place.

I would have never thought it being so vast. The space is empty but it doesn’t feel void.

The whole library is filling the space. Big volumes, romances, fashion, thrillers, all sorts of themes.

Your presence is accompanying me even though you are lying in your bed. We don’t know each other and yet I have that strange feeling of knowing you.

“Why did you stop buying books in 1995?” I asked.

“I don’t really know” you said with a perplexed tone. As if no-one had ever pointed that out or asked you that.

The moonlight is penetrating the room though the silk curtains.

I heard again your soft voice: “Close all the curtains please, I need to sleep. Do not close the shades though, the moonlight comforts me.”

I did so and I got out. Outside the moon’s reflection was shining in the sea, I lifted my eyes to the stars and felt I was elsewhere. Another world, another universe and a melody started to play into my ears.

That’s how I know you, Mimi !

R. I. P. 12.05.1995


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