“Two years ago I left on a trip, I disconnected, came back and COVID-19 invaded Europe.

This year I left on a trip, I disconnected, came back and Putin invaded Ukraine.

Next time I’m not coming back!”


It’s incredible how things change from one moment to the other. Even though some things had been announced.

I came back from my vacation in St Martin and the world had changed once again.

I expected it to be different because restrictions had been lifted in Switzerland, but I didn’t expect to find a war!

A war so close to us!

The first time I heard of a war going on I was a kid. It was in the 90s and the war was taking place in the Balkans. Quite close if you think that I grew up in Apulia (Italy) and the closes coast to the Albanian coast is only 71km.

At the time, I didn’t really understand where the Balkans were. I didn’t really know what a war is.

Growing up and visiting some of these countries I saw what the war left.

Today I see how that war changed the world’s configuration.

My question is: “Why now? Why not before? Why not later?”.


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