“Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.”

Brene Brown

As I got out of the plane the sensation of the moist air on my skin hit my body before I could realise it was raining despite the sun.

One of those moments that are so frequent on a Caribbean island and yet needs a deeper understanding. I don’t exactly know how many people thought about the sporadic rain that can occur multiple times on a good day in the Caribbeans, but I find it fascinating.

The light of the sun is shining despite the clouds and the drops falling down from the sky. the air becomes moist and warm. It envelopes your skin as if another layer was gently protecting the body.

There is something extremely interesting about these moments, just as a soundtrack that has a happy and chill base and from time to time the beat changes and creates a light storm of emotions just to pimp up the underlying mood.

As put my feet on the ground I felt a chill of excitement, but it’s when I walked on the shore and the first wave of cool salty and crystal clear water came that I felt I belonged.

Some may find it relieving to put their feet on the ground, or even in contact with the soil. Metaphorically thinking of having roots.

As for myself, I’d never give up the sensation of the sand slipping from underneath my feet as the wave retracts. Because then you know that with the second wave the sand will come back and envelope your feet.

That goes on and on. It could seem a thin balance at first, but with each wave you find your own balance. You do not necessarily directly belong, but you learn slowly to belong.


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