December 30th 2021

Dear Diary,

Another day passed. It was actually quite a good day. On my way home, i noticed the sunlight. A bit weird: only a few days ago it was already dark at 5 p.m.

One guy was running without his t-shirt. 13 degrees Celsius. Not so bad for a December day in Switzerland.

Just half an hour ago, Monique, 85 years old reminded me that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. She wanted to go and buy a nice dress.

One more year has passed. This one did so ad light speed. I have the impression I’ve been away even though I was there.

Luckily this winter things are different. Bars and restaurants are still open and clubs as well.

Will it take another year to get used to Covid-19?

These 20s are definitely challenging… Sometimes I wander what will be remembered on the history books. Maybe nothing, maybe people won’t care about history. Just as some do not seem to care for 2021.

Well it has been a year full of novelties, challenge and certainly had its surprises.

Tomorrow is another day. Not any day. It’s the last day.

Bye for now, I’m going for a walk.


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