See the bigger picture of yours and refuse the passport size creature that people think you are! Your nature is large; go for it. Feel free to wake up and print your bigger picture!

― Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

I, as many people, would have never thought I would be in the middle of a pandemic. An apocalyptic scenario falling upon the world just as in a sci-fi movie. What we have been through in 2020 and in 2021 has been both surreal and unbelievable. I feel as if one year and half has been taken away from me, I feel as if life was reduced to surviving because most of the leisure was forbidden.

Now, you might thing I am strongly opinionated about this but in reality I am not. In the very beginning i was over cautious in exposing myself with regards to the vaccines, I was reading and I was mainly concerned by the unknown as many people. Nevertheless I was in one of the groups of young people that where vaccinated first, being myself a healthcare professional.

I got vaccinated for the first time this year against influenza. The reason why I did it was not the fear of having a flu. I was driven by a sense of responsibility: if I had to stay home for a flu, my colleague for COVID and another one because he/she’s been in contact, then who would be there for the patients?

I thought further than my nose. I saw the bigger picture.

We are now in a situation where in Switzerland only 50% of the population is vaccinated. Yes, only! And I am sorry for all of those that might be sensible to this but I cannot understand how, after all we’ve been through, some people cannot see the bigger picture.

Vaccinating yourself is, now more than ever, a responsibility towards yourself and others. It is the responsibility of those who are not vaccinated to ensure we will spend a winter with few restrictions and few people in intensive care units.


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