“Coming back is the thing that enables you to see how the dots in your life are connected”

Ann Patchett

I woke up today perfectly conscious I wasn’t in my bed and knowing that the soft and warm sheets caressing my skin were not mine. It wasn’t a bad sensation, I didn’t feel as I didn’t belong or as if things should be different. I didn’t get that feeling of strangeness you sometimes feel when you wake up somewhere different than your cocoon.

It’s quite strange because in the past few weeks all I wanted was my own cocoon. As if the rest of the world all of the sudden didn’t matter.

Of course my routine went on, but maybe it’s exactly the idea of routine that was becoming heavy on me. We are almost at the end of May and I haven’t seen time pass. How can that be?

Sometimes I wonder who’s going to give me back this past year spent in observing regulations that constantly changed…

Here I am today, sitting on a terrace in Zermatt. Enjoying the cold breeze and refusing to wear something warmer just because the chills going through my skin make me feel more alive and remind me I exist in the midst of this beautiful nature to which I also belong.

Belonging… What a beautiful feeling!

After a long absence, I am finally back!


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