History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

Karl Marx

Dear Me,

As you already know sometimes I just need to write things down to make sense of what is going on. So I decided to write you this letter thinking that maybe one day you’ll read it again and think of this moment.

Fall has come just like every year with the leaves becoming yellow and read and gradually starting to fall off the tree branches. I know this is not a surprise! No need to remind me that. What has been different is that for the first time this year I think I saw Fall: somehow I have admired it with different eyes and rather than feeling doom because the next season is winter I have rather appreciated it and I was quite surprised.

With Fall Coronavirus started to be more and more aggressive, which we should have probably expected. The media and the information came back just as aggressive as the virus in an escalation of intimidating fear that just brought more confusion.

I don’t know if I’m the only one but in a matter of weeks I’ve started to consider more and more every moment. Probably this is the reflection in my spirit of the apocalyptic times we are living.

Yesterday they announced new restrictions and they take effect today.

There is something terribly wrong in what is going on as our life is changing from one day to the other and we are not prepared. We have to constantly adapt as if our fight for survival had never been over.

I don’t know anymore if everything is going to be alright. Well, if alright means like before I’m sure it won’t. I’m actually starting to understand something: nothing can be like before if we want to go on with our lives. We are stuck in closing and opening because we are too attached to how before was! Nobody seems to think about alternatives and ways to live differently that would avoid the great solitude that confinement is imposing…

I’m curious of hearing from you and meanwhile I hope you’re holding up.

yours faithfully,


P.S.: Don’t forget to tell Myself I said “Hi”!


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