Any fool can know, the point is to understand.

– Albert Einstein

Long story short: you are in a meeting and make a remark to one of your colleagues and he gets defensive and doesn’t seem to get it.

How many times have you struggled with people who seem not to get the point and get completely defensive about what you are saying? Sometimes they even get quite upsetting in their behaviour…

And then you want to say: “What the hell! Just chill!”

Making remarks is quite difficult but sometimes it has to be done. No improvement would be made and no change would happen without.

The big problem is that sometimes you are just stating something obvious, which shouldn’t even be perceived as a remark and someone around the table wakes up and gets upset.

That’s how my morning started and I actually didn’t think I was going to get such a reaction for a simple comment! But sometimes that happens and, thinking about it, I’m actually kind of glad it did.

The thing is that you do not really always know who you’re dealing with and how they truly are so sometimes a simple remark can turn into a fuss. Well, I think it can also help you to get to know them better…

I don’t have a perfect recipe and I think I will continue to be quite straightforward, but thank God I went to the gym this morning! I think I hit a hard spot!


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