If you are in northern Italy or even in Ticino Switzerland and you want to spend a different day visiting a new place or even just relaxing Como is the perfect destination.

Como is a beautiful town on the famous lake that inspired Alessandro Manzoni, who begun his Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) with a homage to this place:

That branch of the lake of Como which extends southwards between two unbroken chains of mountains, and is all gulfs and bays as the mountains advance and recede, narrows down at one point, between a promontory on one side and a wide shore on the other, into the form of a river;


You can easily get to Como by car or by train. Taking a train in Italy may be a good option and less expensive. If you are traveling from Switzerland it may be more expensive. 

When going by car the tollway from Milan to Como will cost about 4€. Parking is a bit expensive in the centre so I suggest parking near Como Borghi at only 10 minutes by foot from the c centre (2€ for the first hour and 1€ each additional hour).


As you will enter the old town you will find yourself in an enchanted place. Tiny little streets will make you feel like in a romantic Italian movie especially during spring or summer time. 

Walking in these streets you will discover beautiful shops with both international and local products. Don’t be afraid to get lost!

I personally think the duomo cathedral deserves a visit: this church is definitely a Duomo by its external appearance which to me doesn’t have anything to envy to the Duomo of Milan except for the size. Its façade dominates impressively the space of the square without having the feeling of the smallest disproportion. The glass windows inside are just marvellous!

Do not miss the lake! Make sure you take a walk to the lake side and let yourself be surprised by the green scenery that will be before your eyes. Lake Como is surrounded by green mountains that seem decorated, from far away, by beautiful colorful houses.


Get to Piazza Alessandro Volta and have a fresh Aperol Spritz under the fresh shades of the trees at Vesper Club. Usually they will serve it with some nuts, salami and chips (about 12€ per person). 

If you are looking for a good place to have lunch you have to try Bistrot Muralto, a nice French looking bistrot with tables outside in the street. The menu varies from pasta, to meat fish and even tartare! (prices range from 10€ to18€). 

Como, definitely a MUST for a perfect sunny day with a good friend or a lover!


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