“Enjoy the sound of silence”

Timothy Salter, Reflections in Short Poetry

As he entered that place he was surprised by the silence reigning there as if the dimension of sound had never existed. He focused and listened to the silence. It had different notes compared to what he was used to. It was smooth just as the grey quartzite under his feet.

The silence was interrupted by running water, slowly running water along a grey Wass, leaving traces behind that seemed to never fade and yet were renewed with its flow.

He felt alone and yet was not. Everyone was keeping silent probably experiencing the same feelings.

He looked at the water. It was so blue he could hardly conceive such colour in a dark place like that. The reflections in the moving water enchanted him and gave him a sense of inner peace.

Entering the outside pool he found himself breathless looking at the mountains in front of him. The details were invisible as the steam seemed to slurp that picture but nevertheless he enjoyed that view as if he was looking at an impressionist painting.

The rain was falling down slowly, hitting gently his head and shoulders. He noticed the thermic difference between the water embracing his body and the one slowly falling from the sky. His attention was captured by the dance of vanishing circles caused by the rain drops falling into the pool. He knew then what infinity was.

Without knowing he was getting fragmented as each sense seemed to play alone in a symphonic harmony.

Going back inside he found himself in a geometrical labyrinth in which each angle gave birth to a different perspective with light effects and new visual sensations.

His soul got lost and he found himself in a cubicle with a small rectangular access. the water was sufficiently warm to make his muscle relax. His arms were floating in the water and slowly he let his whole body flow in that cubicle.

He looked at the ceiling and noticed how tall it was. “Perfection!” he thought, “this is why you can’t feel claustrophobic”. The tunnel was unlighted by a blue light and a yellow light was reflecting the movements of the water on the ceiling. He closed his eyes and he felt unborn, his self was alienated, he was in a womb again.

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