Lake Murten (Murtensee or Lac de Morat) is the smallest of the three lakes on the periphery of Jura. The Broye canal connects it to the Lake of Neuchâtel which further communicates with lake Biel. Lake Murten is actually quite shallow which means it’s also quite warm and you can swim in it from spring to fall.

You can reach lake Murten by train or by car. If you are in Neuchatel you can take the boat. there is also an option to visit the three lakes on a 4 hours cruise.

I suggest a day stay unless you are in for a quiet and relaxing vacation by the lake which can also be an option but would be way more expensive.

If you are a group and you do not have a Swiss National Rail Pass I highly suggest going there by car. Parking may be a bit expensive but overall it will be cheaper than the train tickets. You will also be quite free to move around and explore.

Murten (or Morat) is a cute medieval town located on the south-east bank of the lake, on a slight hill and surrounded by the town wall. The lakeside promenade is quite pleasant and you definitely shouldn’t miss the sunset.

One of the spots I like the most is along the Broye canal right by the camping Sugiez. This place is quite uncontaminated and there is free parking that belongs to the camping site. Everyone you cross is very friendly and stops to say hi.

I discovered this place thanks to my passion for waterskiing. In fact right by there is JAE Wake & Waterski owned by a very cool guy that will take you for a great ride on the lake. The ride costs CHF 50 every 10 minutes but the fun is guaranteed. Phone to make sure they are open and the weather conditions are good if you don’t want to be surprised.

If you plan to pic-nice after waterskiing or wake boarding this is the right place: you can just sit one the grass along the sides of the canal and have something to eat while enjoying the view.

Knowing I would go there I carry my SUP with me which adds a little more fun to the experience. If you have one I highly suggest you take it with you. The canal is the perfect place to paddle and do yoga on the paddle as there are almost no waves. Watch out for the boats passing every once in a while though!

Lake Murten, a fun destination on the week-end for those who want to chill and relax as well as for those who want to spice things up with water sports!


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