“Looking like soldiers waiting to drown

And I’m not around no more

Pictures of people that don’t make a sound

When music’s around, stay warm”

Simon Charles Green, No reason (Bonobo ft. Nick Murphy)

I pressed the button hold and the world was on standby for what seemed an eternity.

Time: months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, instants. Notions instilled in our head since the origin of times, beating moments of our life with a mathematical precision and yet being transformed and distorted by our internal illogical and emotional perceptions.

Instants that seem to last minutes, sticking in your head for hours, coming back days after from an impregnated memory printing in black and white according to the tone of emotions.

Days passing as fast as a thunder, others stretching into an eternal sensation losing the socially accepted concept of time and entering into an internal chronos.

Alienation. Alone in a confined space. Compartments in a world where setting foot outside has become dangerous we find ourselves isolated with our deeper ancestral sensations. An illusion of community provided by screens reflecting a multitude of alienations and yet giving comfort with an instant of diminished solitude.

Eyes, only eyes. The only facial feature sticking out of a commonly accepted mask to protect each other in the name of the greater good.

This time in history the veil is not imposed by religion. It’s imposed by science. Nevertheless, one must have faith to obey.

Rewind. Fast-forward. Play.

Meanwhile time flows at its normal pace, the same one every day since the beginning. Nature continues its course with seasonal changes as spring takes over a winter that will seem unlived for all those living it and will certainly be on history books in the future. 

The sun rises and its warmer each day. The rain comes down and provides water. Flowers blossoming. Spring is in the air with the smell of fresh grass, of a wet forest, of the blossoming flowers. 

Live the moment. Play…


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