“Are you gonna be ok Ms Moon?” he asked.

“I think I will…” she said with a smile that wanted to be sincere despite the sadness in her eyes. “You know” she continued “I’ve been worse, I’ve touched the highest point of degradation a human being could bare… I’ve walked naked in the street! Do you know what that feels like? That’s when you know who you are and you don’t want to be anymore. Yes that’s when you just don’t want to BE. I’ve been confined. Confined for six months. That’s horrible at first. Can you imagine being in a room alone with nothing but yourself? I’ve been in that room, confinement taught me a lot and I thought a lot in there… I was forced to think but I had to learn again how to think… Reflection, a deep reflection on life. They say time is money and I had a lot of time in there, hence I was rich! The more time I spent in there the richest I was! I started to ask questions, but I wasn’t interested in other people’s answer. Who cares? You’ve got to find your own answers! Of course someone might have a better answer but it’s not YOUR answer. They say it takes time to know your own self, I don’t agree: it takes COURAGE. I dedicated five years of my life creating a book, then a stranger came and sat next to me, I showed him the book and we started speaking. He left with my book. I didn’t give it to him, but could I ask for money? could I sell it? That book had no price, it was the work of five years of time, the value would be huge. So, I can only consider that I offered him a gift subconsciously. Life is precious and that’s why I fight. I will be OK, don’t worry, I will keep fighting!


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