“I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess, when my opponent says of it: That piece cannot be moved.”

Soren Kierkegaard

Not an easy philosopher and certainly not a very loved one. Soren, my friend, no other description would represent the way I feel right now…

Frustration is the right word.

After months of working on a manuscript , a satisfactory experience and very nice results I am utterly irritated by the behavior of those that show up at last with a great idea, that of course came to them overnight, and want to change everything.

So, I gave in, made more analyses, changed the text according to new results but it’s not enough…

I’m not going to talk about the manuscript right now, that’s kind of boring and, knowing myself it will just make me even more mad. I’m going to talk about what is really happening here: it’s a contest a beautiful contest that exists from the beginning of times and in all species. It is all about who’s got the bigger one!

It may look funny but in some things we have not really evolved. Maybe, on the other hand, some things are meant to stay a certain way.

The higher the position the more this happens. It’s all a matter of… Ego.

Where you thinking of something else? Of course a lot of things about Ego may be linked to ancestral and sexual phantoms of the mind, I’m sure my psychoanalyst friends would agree…

Well, i don’t have much more to say on the subject. I’m gonna sit here and enjoy the show as new e-mails appear on the screen. this is a fight I just want to watch!


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  1. Sophie says:

    I completely understand …. I say go with your original idea and let the reviewers decide 🙂 the never ending drama whenever we work on a manuscript .
    Best of luck:)

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    1. Thanks Sophie! We’ll see what they will have to say 😉


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