I am not strange. I am just not normal.

Salvador Dali

Moscow, XX February 2020

Dear Mrs. Y.,

It’s been a few hours since we’ve said goodbye. Well not a real goodbye unfortunately, something I know I will always regret. Our paths separated yesterday but I do know that you are loved and that people around you do care.

This morning I woke up in Moscow. My hotel room was very dark as I had closed the curtains before going to bed. I have to say that my night was tormented by strange dreams I keep having since a few days now, but I shall not bother you with this. My alarm rang and I couldn’t help but postponing it as despite my dreams being strange my curiosity was stronger and alimented the hope of going back to them.

After breakfast I decided to explore the city for a few hours before taking the plane back. With great surprise, I turned the corner of Mohovaya Street and found an exhibition on Salvador Dali at the Manege Exhibition Hall.

Surrealism! Would there be a better way to express and sublimate the past months?

I entered the Hall and got captured by the super reality of Dali’s paintings. A super-reality between dreams and reality, unconscious and conscious. Certainly something difficult to understand for some but looking at those artworks I thought of you and, beside thinking about the weird coincidence, I had the feeling you would understand or at least appreciate.

My visit to the red square and the Kremlin was different compared to the experience I had when I was 17. Maybe because of the exhibition, maybe because of the reasons of my trip, maybe because of our encounter. Who knows?

The colours were bright despite the grey sky, something was electric in the air as I walked in the red square. Not a memory of my previous stay in Moscow crossed my mind, as if I was absorbed in another state of mind that could not access the past.

I thought about reality, about how hard things can be or get sometimes and how convenient dreams are in those moments. A parallel intrapsychic reality to which one could eventually adhere to find confort.

Maybe I understood at least part of who you are, or maybe I have not understood at all. No matter which one of the two I wish you well and hope you will soon be with your loved ones.

Kind regards,


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  1. Sophie says:

    Very nice !!

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