“I don’t think I’ve drunk enough beer to understand that.”

Terry Pratchett

50 minutes seemed like a few seconds on the plane yesterday. Geneva to Munich in less than one hour. I didn’t have enough time to realise we had taken off and we were already landing in Germany.

In Munich for the first time visiting two very close friends that I wish I could see more often, meeting with my American brother and his girlfriend and of course Oktoberfest!

I was blessed with great company this morning whilst taking breakfast and its moments like this that fill your heart with sensations belonging to the present and the past at the same time.

And that’s how you find yourself in an emotional state that brings you to back images, memories, moments, feelings already known and yet renewed.

A spike of sweet melancholy thinking not only of the past but also of the friends you’d like to share the present with and that are far away. Comfort comes thinking of future occasions and possibilities.

Late as usual, but deeply convinced that everyone else is just early we finally made it to the Oktoberfest where Christian and Erin waited for us with five beers that they ordered (by mistake) thinking the waitress asked how many we were going to be!

A jolly crowd drinking, eating, singing and of course doing silly things contributed to create that warm atmosphere that nowadays in northern countries you only find where there is alcohol…

A great experience that continued with a tour of the city center, dinner at Augustiner am Dom by Frauenkirche, taking a picture with some strangers and finally a walk home by the river.


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