“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Gradually the darkness invaded the sky. The hot afternoon sun slowly hid beneath the horizon line separating the sea from the sky. As the sunlight slowly diminished the stars became to shine. A beautiful sight before our eyes on the to Trani.

Trani is a very suggestive city north from Bari with a long history beginning with the archeological sites from the Bronze Age, then conquered by the romans until it became one of the most important ports during the Middle Age. It was even the capital of the region until 1808 when Bari became the capital.

I often like to spend the evening when I come back to my region. Trani is a suggestive city especially at night time. The shop windows are decorated with care, it’s a pleasure to walk by and stop from time to time to admire them. The historical centre is dominated by beautiful buildings often with interior courts in which sometimes you will find restaurant tables.

Walking by the port is my favourite promenade: the light of the stars reflects in the sea between the boats, the buildings around and the multitude of people passing by confer a cozy atmosphere to the place.

One thing that must not be missed is the Cathedral, a perfect example of Apulian romanic style and built with the “Marble of Trani”.

We spent a perfect evening at the Trattoria La Darsena, a splendid place by the touristic port with table outside and superb fish dishes.

Of course the evening could not end without a walk under the shining stars through the small streets of the historical centre enjoying the sight and sharing experiences and thoughts…

P.S.: more pictures on my instagram page!


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  1. Sophie says:

    Trani sounds like an exciting city to visit ..


    1. It really is! You should definitely stop there if you travel in Apulia region!

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