“When I’m out sailing, I don’t wonder what heaven is like because I know.”

Anthony T. Hincks

The sky was slightly clouded and the sun seemed to be hesitating between the clouds as if shyness had taken over in a lusty august afernoon.

The wind, on the other hand, seemed to break through any kind of hesitation and started to slowly but constantly blowing. Its sound between the leaves seemed just as a sweet melody.

After a long day at the beach in Cala Cerasa, a beautiful spot on the Adriatic see that I strongly suggest visiting, we headed in to town with typical slow pace of a hot summer afternoon.

The plan was a tour on a sailing boat!

We met the rest of the crew and the captain in the Port of Monopoli a suggestive town, south from Bari.

Raffaele and his sister explained to us the program of the sailing tour and welcomed us very warmly on board of their fantastic sailing boat.

A drink, a few words to get to know each other and the adventure started…

We easily got out of the Port, the wind was just right and in a matter of seconds the sails were unfolded and the wind was filling them…

The sea was blue and the sunset behind the town was lining the contours of the buildings creating a fantastic natural drawing that will certainly never leave my memory.

We continued to sail at an even higher speed enjoying the spectacle before our eyes mixed with the adrenaline in our bodies.

We turned back and finally stopped to jump in the water illuminated by the last sun beams of the day before heading back to the Port and finishing our day with a good Italian Aperitivo listening to the experiences and stories that Raffaele wanted to share with us .

P.S.: more pisctures and videos on my Instagram profile!


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