“I decided I’m coming to visit. I’ll be there tomorrow morning!”

my Mother

Improvising has always been one of my mom’s best qualities, especially when it comes to travelling.

We have travelled a lot as a family, when me and my siblings were kids. Most of the time the trip was the journey and the destination(s) were decided on the way without a lot of planning ahead.

A phone call on Tuesday morning and the plans were made: my mom announced she was coming to visit. She booked the train tickets and came to Switzerland all the way from southern Italy!

Maybe to some that would have been or is too much, but for me it was a great news! She made my day. I have always admired her spontaneity when coming to travels. That unusual capacity to take a decision out of the blue and just go. That sense of adventure that characterized our journeys when I was young.


We have spent wonderful days all together visiting Valais Canton. It was great to be reunited and to see each other after some months.

I really needed that dose of affection!

No reason in the urgency of the trip besides the need to give me and my sister a hug!

People are often prone to act suddenly when there is an emergency and that is usually associated to bad events. We tend to forget how important simple things are and how precious it is to seize the moment.

Thank you for coming. It has been amazing. Have a safe trip!


More pictures on my instagram profile!


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