“Sweet life continues in the breeze, in the golden fields.”

Jack Kerouac, Book of Sketches

I woke up, a first time, with the sun trying to shine through the stores of the bedroom and enlightening lightly the space.

Of course, I went back to sleep at first, but the sunlight became slowly more intense and powerful…

d922f799-5f89-4b35-9fff-571a362ebafcTook my sister to the train station and then prepared a royal breakfast with bacon, scrambled eggs, juice, tomatoes, ham, cheese, yogurt, cornflakes, fresh bread and of course coffee!

No matter what’s ahead of you, everything is better when you’ve had a good breakfast! Especially if eaten on a beautiful terrace with the heat of the sun on your skin!

What next? Leukerbad!

So, we took the car and started driving smoothly on the highway with the radio on until the climbing started.

This is not the first time I’ve gone to Leukerbad, but it is the first time I go there in the summer. The sky is blue, decorated by a few white clouds that seem like foam. The sun is shining on the green trees and the scenery is just spectacular!

75e728c8-b611-4105-9007-30873b260395The small roads curling up on the mountain, the height increasing, the sensation of void looking down, add a feeling of fear typical of extreme adventures.

The view from the baths was spectacular as usual, but the water was too warm for my taste. It is agreeable during winter and fall, or even spring when it’s still chilly outside and you can bathe in the hot water, sometimes even while snowflakes come down. However, on a warm day it is not what I prefer.

f90801c6-1430-4f0c-8403-04c2d3b27146Despite this other people clearly had the opposite opinion and they seemed quite satisfied.

To conclude our evening a wonderful greek dinner at Restaurant des Iles (Sion), by a small lake where people where still doing paddle and swimming at 7 p.m.

The food was great, the ambience was superb and that’s how another week-end easily went by as if time had been accellerated by that refreshing breeze that was blowing on my shoulders as I finished my beer…

P.S.: more pictures and videos on my instagram profile!


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