I like to fly close to the edge. I like to play with fire.

Dean Ambrose

Yesterday evening I decided to visit my sister in Martigny, a cute little town in Valais surrounded by green mountains, given the season.

It’s always a pleasure to visit Valais. I love the scenery on the highway to get here. The view over the lake Leman is literally breathtaking and I don’t think I will ever get used to it…

As soon as the lake finishes you enter this green valley surrounded by mountains. Their majesty instills a feeling of protection along with the idea of the smallness of mankind facing the greatness of nature.

It is really a dream place, and it is so not only during summer, but during any season…

65093291_2275315389399756_2231459020370083840_nOnce arrived we decided to go out to the my favorite bar in Martigny Bourg, L’Auberge Autrement.

From the outside, looking through the window you will notice a peculiar atmosphere: people chatting in a laid-back style, playing checks, cards or backgammon, etc.

The whole is embraced by a warm dim light and by the background music. You can actually choose yourself a vinyl and listen to these old and yet enchanting sounds from a variety of music styles!

A very good selection of wines and a wide choice can be accompanied by appetizers and I highly recomment the assiette de l’auberge!


However, you cannot leave the place without tasting a Gin based cocktail. Not a regular one though! This bar has a huge variety of infused Gin with different varieties of flavours…


The highest moment of our evening came when José and his friend started an audacious performance playing with fire! All of the sudden we were transported in a medieval atmosphere, peolple looking down from their windows in this small alley where these two artists nonchalantly managed fire at a pace and rythm you rarely see!64910531_2412917412274978_7220577019489157120_n

A beautiful and amazing evening, great company, good wine, superb food and a surprising finale!

P.S.: more pictures and videos on my Instagram profile!



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