Good composition is like a suspension bridge – each line adds strength and takes none away.

Robert Henri

6f55449f-23d4-4f7c-b99e-394a23fb6b06The weather was uncertain, clouds were covering the sky and finally, as we were descending from our hotel to the lake, the sun came out. Everything suddenly looked beautiful. the nature was impressive. The grass was reflecting the sunlight through the rain drops that had nourished it few minutes before.

As I was driving down the hill, I noticed a suspended bridge. It was the Panoramabrucke in Sigriswil. It is 340m long and 180 m high and connects the Sigriswil mountains giving a splendid view on the lake.

I have to say last weekend was particularly difficult as I was trying to avoid all the anxiety related to work and to an exam coming up.

Deciding to walk on the Panoramabrucke was the best decision I could make.

Suspended in the air, on a green valley crossed by a small river. The blue Thun lake was before my eyes and the green mountains on the other side. Nature was impressive that day.

I was impressed by the power that such an architectonic structure could confer to a simple human being standing on it and yet how easily nature was able to remind its unpredictable character.

Shivers went down my spine when the bridge suddenly started vibrating. Facing danger in such situation is not easy. You all of a sudden realise the finitude of human kind. At the same time, no words can describe the joy of the instant after: when you realise nothing has really happened and you are still standing on this human creation.

It os really a matter of instants. Time takes another dimension in such situation. You end up appreciating the milliseconds and realising that your worries are not that relevant. The proportion of things is different, the blowing wind that makes the bridge vibrate turns over your priorities and with them the value you attributed to things just a moment before.

0258dd4e-dda9-4afc-ad8b-6d49ec028de3Until when you feel confident, you become one and you easily walk through the bridge crossing it to the other side of the valley and being more and more able to focus on the scenery.

A highly suggested experience: overcoming fear, reconnecting with senses and attributing significance in other ways you previously couldn’t.


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