A long weekend to explore a new part of Switzerland. Many options, one final destination chosen by pure chance.

We arrived in Thun on saturday morning and after sometime spent in the traffic and trying not to get lost while driving I got off the car.
The sight was spectacular, I held my breath for fractions of seconds I could not even count now and my eyes were  filled with beauty. Nature has really worked wonders.


The turquoise of the lake had captured my attention and was the only detail I could master at first. The breeze caressed my skin, the heat of the sun was extraordinarily welcomed. The lake was surrounded by mountains synergically integrated with human architecture.

The power of nature and it’s beauty are at their best in this wonderful little part of the world.

I cannot describe the magnetic attraction that one feels on a good day when by this lake. Just sitting on a terrace, having a drink and looking evoked a pleasant and satisfying sensation, a feeling of tranquillity.

Walking in the old town, getting lost in these streets, wandering around while chatting and not having a set plan was the best way I could have experienced this place.

The tour of the lake by car would have been better with a cabrio, but I assure it’s definitely worth!

2217b19c-13b8-46b9-bab3-ae5df4ce27afOnce in Interlaken we experienced a completely different feeling. A feeling of protection, surrounded by green mountains looking down at us. The sky above us was coloured by the bright paragliders moving around, dancing with the wind an harmonic music that could be seen more than heard. The clouds were completely forgotten as if they were on a second plane in the scene.


I’ve spent my weekend in an impressionist’s painting!


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