“Life is like the ocean. You can either be the ball floating on the waves, or make your own waves.”

Oliver Gaspirtz


Summer seems to be late this year, the weather has been quite lunatic alternating warm days and very cold ones as if no sequence was previously there. What has he been complaining about?

No order, no plan, no priority seemed to be there. Was I being carryed in this disorder? I had just been doing things and solving problems, making plans in an attempt to find an order. Was I drowning in a routine without realising it?

This weekend was coming up, several possibilities in the air, on final choice made based on certains conditions.

And here we are, driving to Lake Thun for the weekend. A beautiful sunny day ahead of us and curiostity trying hadly to take over the waves of anxiety in my head.

Our first stop on lake Thun: Wakehouse Gunten Thunersee. A beautiful place reflecting all the simplicity of surfers lifestyle. In a matter of a few minuted we were kindly welkomed and we were sitting on a sofa facing this amazing lake surrounded by mountains. A sip of Hugo and Aperol Spritz and we were offered a ride on the boat while a member of the stuff did wakeboard!

a56532f6-e058-46b1-8281-b6ca8335030dBack to the shore, revising my work under the hot sun, I finally took a break and decided to waterski. Something I had not done in years! And here we go! Suddenly, I’m up on those skis pulled by the boat creating waves and trying to ride them, taking control of the fear of falling, dominating my body, concentrating on every muscle in my arms, my back, my legs.

What a sensation! Let’s ride those waves and do this! Even more motivated now for the upcoming week knowing what awaits and that it is not going to be easy…


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