“To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

Thomas Campbell


I woke up from a turbulent night. Turbulent, that’s the word.

My sleep was unquiet, had my subconscious taken over my mind?

I woke up to remember… Turbulent. No adjective can describe the sea one year ago tonight. Turbulent. Just as my thoughts are right now. A flow of memories that come and go as if they were waves in an agitated sea.

I lost you. We lost you. One year has passed and it still seems surreal. So surreal that it almost seems to make our friendship more real than ever. And that’s the only thought that calms the stream of thoughts that flow in my mind right now. The friendship we shared. The feeling of protection. The confidence we had in one another. The laughs and happiness of the moments we lived together. The brotherly love.

Memory is our power to keep alive. It lets us keep alive not only the bad moments, but also the good ones. I chose to remember those moments with you, my dear friends. To remeber the fun and happy moments we shared.

You are and will be missed, but you are alive in the memory of all those that, like myself, cared about you…


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