This blog is a space for a stream of thoughts and reflections focused on that thin line that delimits normality in our everyday life. A line that we’ve traced over time with changes in our society, which have taken place through several historical processes and a normality that sometimes we want to impose on others without asking ourselves the question “What is normal?”.

The aim is to give up on the glasses we wear and that act as a filter on our vision of things and look at things from a different perspective understanding the place of a tiny bit of folly in our world.


Måneskin Rome Experience

“… Never thought I’d let a rumor ruin my moonlightwell somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriendthat I had in february last yearit’s not confidencial, I’ve got potential, a-rushing, rushing around…”Måneskin Hesitation is definitely the key-word for the opening of the Måneskin’s concert at Circo Massimo, Rome. A long…

Mimi’s library

“Somewhere in a parallel world, you’d want me as much as I want you here and I’ll care not about your existence.For now, I breathe you.” Nitya Prakash I was unexpectedly with you, in your own place. I would have never thought it being so vast. The space is empty but it doesn’t feel void.…


“Two years ago I left on a trip, I disconnected, came back and COVID-19 invaded Europe.This year I left on a trip, I disconnected, came back and Putin invaded Ukraine.Next time I’m not coming back!”Me It’s incredible how things change from one moment to the other. Even though some things had been announced. I came…