This blog is a space for a stream of thoughts and reflections focused on that thin line that delimits normality in our everyday life. A line that we’ve traced over time with changes in our society, which have taken place through several historical processes and a normality that sometimes we want to impose on others without asking ourselves the question “What is normal?”.

The aim is to give up on the glasses we wear and that act as a filter on our vision of things and look at things from a different perspective understanding the place of a tiny bit of folly in our world.



“Two years ago I left on a trip, I disconnected, came back and COVID-19 invaded Europe. This year I left on a trip, I disconnected, came back and Putin invaded Ukraine. Next time I’m not coming back!” Me It’s incredible how things change from one moment to the other. Even though some things had been…


“Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.” Brene Brown As I got out of the plane the sensation of the moist air on my skin hit my body before I could realise it was raining despite the sun. One of those moments that are so frequent…

December 30th 2021

Dear Diary, Another day passed. It was actually quite a good day. On my way home, i noticed the sunlight. A bit weird: only a few days ago it was already dark at 5 p.m. One guy was running without his t-shirt. 13 degrees Celsius. Not so bad for a December day in Switzerland. Just…